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The Brok Alternativa company is one of Belarus leading companies organizing deliveries of:

  • Woodworking (plywood, timber, MDF, HDF)
  • Rolled metal products
  • Metal goods
  • Cableware
  • Instruments and chemicals for drilling


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Brok Alternativa


The Brok Alternativa company carries out wholesale supplies of the woodworking production’s wide range from Belarus to euro-zone countries.

Direct contacts with the timber producers in Belarus allow providing optimal delivery time, low prices and flexible system of output discounts.

The Brok Alternativa company offers each buyer an individual service and attention, and the guaranteed quality of raw materials. All goods are certified by European Common Certificate of wood.

Long-term partnership with our regular customers and partners from Europe is the guarantee of company’s professionalism and quality of the delivered products.

Our clients from many countries trust us!

  • Plywood


  • MDF


  • HDF


  • Unsquared boards

    Unsquared boards

  • Squared boards

    Squared boards

  • Planed timber

    Planed timber

  • Timber battens

    Timber battens

  • Wood trim: floor board, lining, floor plinth

    Wood trim: floor board, lining, floor plinth

Rolled metal products

The Brok Alternativa company is the leading company of Belarus organizing deliveries and arranging the sales of rolled metal products. The company has long-term experience and has been supplying rolled metal products for nine years to the market of Belarus and countries of the near board.

The company realizes output both directly to clients and with the help of commodity exchange.

The Brok Alternativa company has partnership with leading enterprises and organizations of metallurgical industry of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and China. All realized products are certified according to the international standards.

  • Metal pipes

    Metal pipes

  • Steel beams

    Steel beams

  • Channel beams

    Channel beams

  • Metal wheel

    Metal wheel

  • Steel sheet

    Steel sheet

  • Armature


Metal goods

The Brok Alternativa company is the first supplier of metal goods wholesale.

Metal goods product line is presented by the widest range of bolts, nuts, washers, rods, screws, sheet metal screws, anchors and expansion plugs, ropes, chains and others. Our company carries out deliveries of both a galvanized, and black metal goods from production plants of Belarus, European Union, Russia and China, quality class of products is from 5,8 to 10,9. In total there are about 80 commodity groups in a warehouse.

The Brok Alternativa company is the official dealer and supplier of goods to the market of Belarus.

We offer full service in the sphere of metal goods deliveries for production of agricultural machinery, cars and equipment repair, for building and construction work, power engineering, petrochemical industry, engineering tools, as well as flexible steel cable and armature, fittings for wood products manufacture of European community countries. There are more than 40000 items and typical sizes.

We can guarantee fast deliveries of metal goods to any point of Belarus and outside of owing to the high level of logistic service.

  • Anchors


  • Nails


  • Bolts


  • Nuts


  • Ropes,chains and accesories

    Ropes,chains and accesories

  • Washers



Cableware is the developing direction of the company. For 3 years the Brok Alternativa company carved out a strong niche in the Belarusian market of cableware and earned trust of many clients. Uninterrupted and direct deliveries from production plants allow supporting the wide product range linked with the favourable prices for its realization.

The Brok Alternativa company is the official dealer which carries out product deliveries to the RB market.

We have conformity and fire certificates, copies of which can be provided according to the first client’s requirement, for all output offered to delivery. It’s insurance against all risks of receiving defective products. Our work principles are based on flexible price, financial policy and an individual attention to each client that is the guarantee of long-term partnership with customers.

Our long cooperation (in capacity as Dealer) with the leading production plants allows us to keep low price level and support the wide range of cableware in warehouses or carry out goods delivery within short timeframes.

The Brok Alternativa company monitors the trends and changes happening in the cableware market that allows expanding and updating a product range immediately.

  • Cabling and wiring products

    Cabling and wiring products

  • Solid-state lighting

    Solid-state lighting

  • Lamps


  • Wiring accessories

    Wiring accessories

  • Electric switchboards

    Electric switchboards


The Brok Alternativa company offers a large variety of industrial and technical chemistry goods (Acids, Superficially active substance, Colouring agents, PVC plasticisers, Stabilisers , Solvent medium, Resins, Salts, Sorbing agents, Polymers and Alkalies) including test devices and chemicals. Our company is the official dealer of the production plants’ drilling tools in the territory of Belarus.


Working only with the proven suppliers making qualitative products and providing guarantee certificates

A large variety of goods and prices of production plants

Possibility of products delivery in advance at the shortest time

Flexible discount system

  • Acids


  • Alkalies


  • Resins


  • Salts


  • Drilling tool

    Drilling tool



Minsk, Belarus

Aerodromnaya St. 32


+375 29 155 02 42

Rolled metal products:

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Metal goods:

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